About Keturay
It has been over 20 years since Shannon O’Neal and Shelley Potter became
friends.  Both were involved in theatre and both had a passion for dogs.  
Experience in all aspects of canine competition and an admiration for the
Tibetan Spaniel launched the birth of Keturay Kennels. Thanks to Ambrier and
Tibroke, the kennel has been founded on tested lines and careful mentoring.  
Keturay, or “Rays of a Shooting Star,” is an homage to Ch. Ambrier’s Radiant
Scion of Zeke. Shannon and Shelley are also so appreciative of their little girl,
Grand Champion Ambrier-Rokirk’s Shakti to Keturay.  The Tibbie is a
tremendous companion; so much dog in a compact package.  They are forever
committed to the standard, health and temperament of this ancient breed.
Shelley Potter and Shannon O'Neal
DeLand, Fl.,32720
Telephone #: 386 277 2083